Ascension Church

Advent: God is with us

During the Season of Advent, which begins on Sunday, Nov. 30, we often hear the word Emmanuel. As Fr. Michael O’Connell so often emphasizes, Emmanuel means GOD IS WITH US.
So, while it is true that Advent is a preparation for Christmas, calling us to prepare our hearts and souls for Christ’s coming, it is good for us to remember that the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – is always with us, always resides in us.
Certainly we experience Jesus in a special way, spiritually and emotionally, at Christmas. So, too, at Christmas Emmanuel comes to us in a special way; Jesus is born in human form as a baby in a manager. We celebrate that special Emmanuel that is so emphatically announced throughout the Season of Advent.
GOD IS WITH US during Advent, at Christmas, always!
Please join us in worship this Advent and Christmas season.