Ascension Church

Sharing Your Financial Gift

There’s no avoiding the fact that running a church costs money.  Church buildings must be tended to; utilities must be paid; ministries such as religious education, outreach to the poor and grieving and so many others cost money to run. And, of course, staff members vital to our mission, must be paid.

Your contribution ensures that Ascension will remain a cornerstone of the community in North Minneapolis and enables our programs to continue their work of reaching out to and bringing together our diverse neighbors.

Life on the North Side, while at times challenging, is abundant. At Church of the Ascension, we are making every effort to remain a cornerstone of this vitality and to push it to new levels. To do this we work to embody the core values of our church and community: honoring people as they are, being welcoming, caring, and engaged in our community, and living in gratitude with respect, mutuality, and sacramentality. None of this would be possible without your support.