Ascension Church

Sharing Your Time and Talent

“To give gratefully, generously and graciously back to God from the gifts that God has so generously given to us.” That is how our pastor, Fr. Michael O’Connell describes stewardship. We begin with gratitude to God for everything we have: our lives, bodies, minds, hearts, souls, family, friends and education. If we believe that all is gift from God, our only response is gratitude and generosity. Generosity is one very concrete way we can live our faith and show gratitude. We invite you to share your gifts of prayer and service with Church of the Ascension.


Prayer is the foundation of a life of Christian stewardship. Prayer is often a deeply individual, private matter, but at least once a week we join together as a community at mass to be as one. Voices raised together in prayer are voices amplified, listening to the word of God and eating at the table of the Lord.

A prayer before meals is a way to give thanks for the food before you and the people around you.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it may seem as if there is no time for the quietude of prayer. But the more you pray, the more you may find that this time of quiet reflection is a great relief from daily pressures.  Challenge yourself to think of other little moments in which you can make time for prayer each day.


God has blessed each of us with a unique set of talents, and opportunities to share those talents abound. So much of the work our church gets done is due to the efforts of our dedicated parishioners.

Our parish projects include monthly Peace Dinners, Thanksgiving baskets and meals, a spring garage sale, Christmas boutique and pancake breakfast, and Toys for Tots. Ways to participate in the Liturgy include singing in a choir; becoming an usher, lector or Eucharistic minister and helping with after-mass hospitality. You can help parish staff by helping to count money from weekly collections, address Christmas cards and fill in as receptionist in the parish office as needed.

It you are interested in volunteering or for more information, call the parish office at 612 529-9684.