Ascension Church

Lent begins Feb. 18

Lent flyer

Prayer, fasting and almsgiving: These three practices are traditions during the weeks leading up to Easter. Prayer nourishes our spirits, fasting puts us in solidarity with those who suffer, and works of charity expand our hearts as we commit ourselves to the good of others. Here are some ways you can use these traditions to enrich your experience during this holy season:


Participate in communal prayer such as the Stations of the Cross.

Get up a bit earlier, take time during your lunch hour or find time in the evening to stop and pray.


Decide as a family on a food or beverage that you will all give up together for Lent.

Watch less television and use the time to read, pray, write a letter or visit someone.

Focus on an unwanted habit such as negativity, gossiping or harboring resentments and try to give it up for Lent.



Volunteer your time.

Write a letter to your congressional representative about an issue such as immigration.


(Adapted from Catholic Update, St. Anthony Messenger Press)