Ascension Church


Since 1897, Ascension Catholic School has been an important ministry of Ascension Parish, and our many classes of graduates are our best ambassadors. Ascension Pride is what binds them, from the older alumni who attended our 120th reunion in 2010 to those who graduated just last year.

Here’s what some recent graduates had to say about their experience:

  • “Ascension has made me stronger mentally and physically for life and for what is planned ahead for me in the future.”  Francisco E
  • “Ascension gave me a lot of values that I will always carry throughout my life. Faith is one of the key things they taught me…. Ascension also taught me to be humble and help those in need.”   Guadalupe I
  • “When I entered high school, I was well prepared for the work load and the demands of more advance course work. My teachers at Ascension made sure the subjects were thoroughly understood before moving on. Doing all the service work we did at Ascension helped me be aware of all the needs people have in the community, and the simple things I can do to help.”  Marcela S.
  • “Ms. Woods is the best principal any student or teacher can ask for.  She’s strict, nice and she knows how to run a school.”  Steve M
  • “I had a great group of teachers supporting me. That’s the most amazing feeling.”   Sierra P
  • “Ascension has taught me how to look for the good instead of the bad and to try to see God through His creation.” Kiara J
  • “The sense of worthiness and belonging that was bestowed to me at Ascension did not only strengthen my spirit, it will certainly guide the rest of my life.” Cyril B.
  • “I made many long friendships at Ascension School, not only with classmates but with the staff as well. I will always be thankful to Ascension School for making me the person I am today. I Hope to be a great leader to future generations in our community.”  Alma G.
  •  “I wish more children could have the opportunity to go to Ascension School because its impact on their education and faith can lead to a better life, and I think all children deserve that.” Alexander B.
  • “As many kids before me, I am proud to say I graduated from Ascension.”  Elier M