Ascension Church

Help with Guadalupe preparations


Help is needed with our Fiesta de Guadalupe preparations for Dec. 11 at the Basilica of St. Mary and Dec. 12 at the parish. Below are some of the ingredients needed for the wonderful food that will be prepared for these celebrations. Please donate if you can. ¡GRACIAS!


• harina de maíz para tamales (corn flour, MASECA)
• azucar (sugar)
• pasas (raisins)
• latas de piña y fresas (canned pineapple and strawberries)
• hojas (leaves for wrapping tamales)
• maíz para pozole (cans of hominy)
• agua y bebidas (bottled water and cans of pop)
• tortillas y/o nacho chips
• queso (cheese) – cotija o añejo
• latas de frijoles (refried beans)
• comida corruptible (lechuga, cebolla, carne, etc)
• pedimos más cerca de la fecha / monetary donation for perishable foods like meat and vegetables


Please mark your donations “For the Comité Guadalupano” and bring them to the office or to Sunday mass.

We are proud of our tradition!

Our tradition of feeding anyone who requests a Thanksgiving meal makes the news! Check out this story by KSTP-Ch. 5.   We are filled with gratitude that we can serve in this way!


Wed., Dec. 7

School Christmas program 6 p.m.


Sunday, Dec. 11

• Guadalupe mass at Basilica, 4:30 p.m.
• Vigilia Guadalupana, 7:30 p.m. – midnight. Misa/Mass, 10 p.m.


Mon., Dec. 12

• Fiesta de Guadalupe, 5 a.m. mañanitas/morning prayer
• 6 p.m. misa/mass y fiesta

See our complete calendar.


Call the parish office for more information on these events, 612 529-9684