Ascension Church

Are you a gardener?

Ascension is looking for a few people to tend our gardens by regularly weeding, trimming and sprucing. We would like to start a group that would get together for a couple of hours weekly or every other week for Weeding and Wisdom. Work in the garden would be followed by hospitality and sharing. Please call the parish office to let us know you might be interested in a group like this. We would like to know if interest is there so we can discuss times and process.

Christmas Bazaar help needed

The Christmas Bazaar and Pancake Breakfast is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN
this year unless… YOU HELP!

There are lots of ways to get involved with jobs big and small. We need people to get together to start planning. The date is set for Nov. 3-4, but it won’t happen unless you help!
Judy will again be the overall chair IF YOU HELP!
These are the needs:
❏ Someone to arrange vendors
❏ Someone to oversee parish items for sale
❏ Someone to schedule volunteers
❏ Someone to oversee set up
❏ Someone to oversee cleanup
❏ LOTS OF SOMEONES to give an hour or two or three to help the folks who step up and do the jobs listed above.
Email Judy and let her know that WE are going to DO THIS!



Call the parish office for more information on these events, 612 529-9684



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