Ascension Church

Advent is approaching

All are invited to make Advent wreaths from 9:30 a.m. – noon on Sun., Dec. 3. Join us in the cafeteria after 9:30 mass or before the 11:30 a.m. mass!

Items needed for Guadalupe celebrati

All are invited to help with our Guadalupe preparations for Dec. 10 at the Basilica and Dec. 12 at Ascension.
Below is our “wish list” – please help if you can. ¡GRACIAS!

• maíz para pozole (cans of hominy)
• tostadas (flat, hard tortillas: Brand names include “Tostadas Charras” or “Guerrero tostadas” usually comes stacked in a bag of up to 2 dozen)
• agua y bebidas (bottled water and cans of pop)
• tortillas y/o nacho chips (corn tortillas)
• donación monetaria para la carnes y verduras corruptible (lechuga, cebolla, carne, etc) / monetary donation for perishable foods like meat and vegetables


Please mark your donations “For the Comité Guadalupano” and bring them to the parish office or to Mass on Sunday.



Call the parish office for more information on these events, 612 529-9684