All are Welcome

Since our founding in 1890, Church of the Ascension has served as a place of sanctuary and celebration for the people of North Minneapolis. Just as we welcomed Irish immigrants into our community more than 100 years ago, today our diverse congregation welcomes the peoples of Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and just about everywhere else in the world, while of course remaining home to the many people who have worshiped here for generations.

Our Mission

Ascension parish is a multi-cultural Catholic community that provides a sanctuary in which all are invited to recognize, acknowledge and live God’s presence.

Our Values

Church of the Ascension truly lives up to its mission statement, values and vision. We welcome all to worship with us, and we honor each person’s faith journey.

  • Honoring people as they are: We uphold the inherent dignity of each human being through prayer and action.
  • Hospitality/welcoming: We invite all to journey with us, bringing all of their life experiences.
  • Caring: We are here to help and serve in the image of Christ.
  • Community (involvement/engagement): We honor and actively build our community and the communities of which we are a part.
  • Gratitude: Knowing all has come from God, we generously share our gifts.
  • Recognizing our humanness (Respect, mutuality, unpretentiousness): We respect the humanness of others through acknowledging our own humanness.
  • Sacramentality: We experience and respond to God’s presence in the seven sacraments and everyday life.

Vision Themes

  • Northside Community Builder and Leader
  • Sanctification
  • Strong and Engaged Leadership
  • Strong and Vital Inter-Cultural/Inter-Generational Relationships
  • Well-Maintained and Sufficient
  • Building to Support Future Growth
  • Financial Stability
  • Parish Growth